Welcome to Humanfiles

Years ago I started Humanfiles as a blog to share writing and photographs. At some point I decided that I wanted my photography more closely associated with my name, so I launched David McGowan Photographs. It wasn’t a great branding move, because I had an audience that associated the work I was producing with Humanfiles; but the dust has settled and I feel better about where things are going.

Here I’ve resurrected the Humanfiles Blog, and I’ll continue to explore writing where it melds with photography. In 2011 I expanded the brand and created Humanfiles Journal, an online photography magazine featuring talent from around the world. 2017 will bring new work with a fresh site layout scheduled in the spring. The last brand segment is Humanfiles Media, which will serve two purposes; first, to forge relationships by showcasing solid design and visual work coming from the West Michigan community; second, to offer my personal services in art direction and design, and occasionally show my projects and process.

Have a look around, and thanks for stopping by.