On Wisdom and Ashes

December 31, 2016

Ho hum and head down is how 2016 will sputter out. The year was so bad, that everyone is sick of hearing how bad it was. I’ve written a handful of things since my last post that I couldn’t really bring myself to publish; too loathing; too optimistic; too bitter; too self-congratulatory. But this mark in time deserves at least one recurring thought, as its final hours wind down.

It’s not good news, or bad news. It’s just news. Things aren’t going to get better just because a number is changing. In fact, the external occurrences that made this past year so bad are likely to stay about the same, in frequency. But hang with me for a minute, because there is a bit of a silver lining.

That silver lining is this… after experiencing all that made up this past year, we’ve now earned the tools and wisdom to protect ourselves mentally and spiritually from future hardships and battles, and that’s a really great thing. 2016 is on our life resume; we’ve survived, and that’s something to admire.

So burn that year, and let nature take care of the ashes. I see you (yes, you) shaking off the dust and smiling like you’re ready to fight. That’s good, because I think it’s really going to be necessary, as we put our new skills to good use.

Now go rock out and stay safe.